The leading brand of vehicular Bluetooth communication products

  • Smooth manipulation for more fun while riding

    Easy adjustment of multi-way speaker makes you enjoy clearest sound without buzz

  • User-centered RD team relentlessly provides you new moving experience

  • Reliable structure & waterproof

    Travel with you all over the world

Designed and Inspired based on the needs of all motorcycle riders; DIMTON keeps seeking for refinement and aspiring to perfect on our products.

Helmet Bluetooth Headset

The audio signals can be transmitted to the helmet via Bluetooth connection through helmet Bluetooth headset. Riders can enjoy the travel more freely without wire bondage.

Audio Integrator

Even if the device is Bluetooth-free, audio signals such as speedometer, GPS and radio can be transmitted to the helmet Bluetooth headset via integrator.


The function of our products can be expanded to deal with different conditions of all environments through variety of specialized wire, accessories, which makes you more convenient communication.

The 10-year research and development capability creates Dimton technology.

Dimton Technology Cooperation Ltd. was established in 2005 by a technical team with full developing experience on Bluetooth products for many years. We are devoted to develop Bluetooth technology-oriented products and optimistic about the potential of wireless headset industry in the global market, so keen on doing the R&D design, manufacturing and selling the high-tech products such as Bluetooth headset and so on.